Isabela Merced aspires to be the new Jennifer López

The American actress and singer with Peruvian ancestors, Isabela Merced, popular for the film Dora y la ciudad perdida  Dora and the Lost City of Gold “, confesses in an interview that her role model is Jennifer López.” She can do anything : sing, act, then direct “, argues the interpreter, formerly known as Isabela Moner, whose career has always been linked to acting and music, with two films pending release.

At the end of August, a month after turning 20, Spirit Untamed full movie she will arrive on Netflix “Sweet Girl” (2021), a movie in which she works with Jason Momoa. It is a thriller in which they play a father and a daughter who are involved in the world of drugs and pharmaceuticals and who try to avenge the death of their mother. The actress is delighted to say that this production was “intense” and “dark” and that it is “full of script twists.”

But before that, in June, the animation film “Spirit- Indomitable / Spirit: Untamed” (2021) based on the 2002 Dreamworks film “Spirit: the indomitable steed / Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” will be released. This new version is in 3D and Merced voices the protagonist, Lucky, a girl who, like her, also has a mestizo origin and who thanks to Spirit will discover more about her mother, a Mexican horse acrobat. In addition, she also interprets the main theme of the film, “Valiente”, along with the Mexican Eiza González.

This mixed heritage that binds him to her character was also one of the interpreter’s concerns as she grew up, as she felt there was “a war” between her two identities. She finally realized that she didn’t have to be and that she could be both at the same time. “You can’t ignore your culture, you have to explore your roots,” she advises.

Her Peruvian origins were also one of the inspirations for her first EP, “The better half of me.” In fact, one of her songs, “The chase”, was born from her obsession with Eva Ayllón and is a mix of “Toro Mata”, a well-known melody in Peru. In addition, in her lyrics she uses English and Spanish interchangeably. “It is not a strategy. It is something very natural,” said Merced, who is the daughter of a Peruvian mother and an American father, and she remembers how she spoke before in Spanish than in English.

Isabela Merced became known acting since she was a child on Broadway and has participated in films such as “Dora and the Lost City / Dora and the Lost City of Gold” (2019) and “Transformers: The Last Knight / Transformers: The Last Knight” (2017 ).